Real Name:Eric Masterson


Created by: Ben Riely


  • F AM(50)
  • A EX(20)
  • S MN(75)
  • E MN(75)
  • R EX(20)
  • I EX(20)
  • P GD(10)

Health: 220 Karma: 50 Resources:

Ty Pop: -10

Known Powers:

Asgardian Form:

When wielding Thunderstrike, Masterson takes on an Asgardian Form, giving him the following abilities:

-True Invulnerability: Ex resistance to Physical, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Aging and Disease attacks. Ty protection from Energy attacks.

-Alter Ego: When Thunderstrike is struck against a hard surface, Eric Masterson may change forms. In his mortal identity, the Mallet appears as a walking stick. If separated from the mallet for more than 1 minute, Thunderstrike returns to his mortal form.


Thunderstrike: CL1000 material strength, Strength +1CS blunt damage, Thunderstrike gives Masterson the following abilities:

-Automatic Return: 10 areas

-Flight: In airspeed -Deflection: May spin Thunderstrike in front of him to provide Rm protection from Physical, Energy and Magical attacks.

-Dimensioanl Travel: Ty

-Plasma Generation: Mn Energy, 10 areas, Due to the unique nature of this Power, it does damage on two levels: --The primary level is brute force (the field does Mn physical damage.) There are also side-effects based on the particular nature of this

--Plasma Bolt: In Energy

--Light: In illumination

--Plasma Generation is +1CS when attacking either Power.

Other Powers: Although Eric has not discovered them, Odin imbued Thunderstrike with the following powers: Dimensional Travel: Mn Weather Control: Mn -Lightning: Am -Air Control: Am -Power Absorption/Reflection: Sh-Z -Light Emission: In


Un material, Am Edge, The evil that remained within the axe also takes partial possession of the wielder's mind, warping its personality and making it murderously aggressive, overpowering its rationality with a lust for combat, vengeance, and bloodshed. The Bloodaxe is capable of performing the following power stunts:

-Dimensional Aperture: Bloodstrike could cut through dimensional barriers and also let through the heat of the Sun (CL1000) or the cold of the Void (Mn).

-The Axe could disrupt magical disguises and illusions.

-Alter Ego: the user was separated from the axe for more than 60 seconds, they would lose their enchanted form and revert to their original mortal identity, much like the enchantment once placed on Mjolnir by Odin.

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Thunderstrike, Bloodaxe) Marksmanship, Engineering, Architecture

Contacts: Avengers, Asgardians, Jerry Reece, Stellaris, Code: Blue

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus: +1 (+2 w Bloodaxe or Thunderstrike WS)
  • Max running speed:

Other VersionsEdit

Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson)
Thor (Eric Masterson)