Lady OctopusEdit

Lady Octopus

Real Name:Carolyn Trainer


Created by: Ben Riely


  • F TY(6)
  • A GD(10)
  • S AM(50)
  • E EX(20)
  • R EX(20)
  • I TY(6)
  • P EX(20)

Health: 86 Karma: 46 Resources: Ex Pop: -10

Known Powers: Limited Telepathy: Dr. Octopus can mentally control a harness with four tentacles worn at the waist with Mn ability

Equipment: Tentacles: Am material, Dr. Octopus can mentally control a harness with four tentacles worn at the waist. The tentacle's end in pincers made of Rm material. -Multiple Attacks: Able to make up to four multiple attacks on a successful Fighting FEAT. -Can engage in blunt attacks, wrestling, or a combination of these attack forms. -She may attack non-adjacent foes up to 1 area away. -A single tentacle has Rm Strength. -Multiple tentacles used to attack have Am Strength. -Multiple attacks are resolved on a single die roll, but are at +1cs for each arm used. -If Dr. Octopus uses two of her arms for bracing, her End. to avoid Stuns and Slams is +2cs. -Dr. Octopus’ arms may be used to carry her up to 4 areas/round, and may rise above two-story buildings. -Punching handholds in buildings allows her to move vertically 3 stories per round. -Doctor Octopus is in constant mental contact with her tentacles, and may command them from great distances (a range of 900 miles has been reported). She has tactile sensation through these arms and, if the arms are damaged, must make an End. FEAT or pass out for 1-10 rounds. The arms do not have to be attached to receive mental commands. -Laser Cannon: On each tentacle is a laser cannon that does In Force damage up to 5 areas away Force Field: Mn Protection

Talents: Mechanics, Robotics, Computers, Engineering, Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: Dr. Octopus I, Stunner, Her Henchmen

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus: 0
  • Max running speed: 4 areas/turn

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