Scarlet Spider

Real Name:Kaine Universe:616 Created by: Ben Riely


F RM(30) Edit
A AM(50) Edit
S IN(40) Edit
E IN(40) Edit
R EX(20) Edit
I GD(10) Edit
P IN(40) Edit
Health: 160 Karma: 70 Resources: TY Pop: 30 Edit

Known Powers:

Wall-Crawling: Am, Kaine is able to perform the following power stunts:

-Mark of Kaine: Rm ability to channel his wall-crawling abilities endothermically through his hands and leave a severe burn mark on a person by making skin-to-skin contact with them.

Leaping: Am, up to 3 areas Balance: Scarlet Spider’s balance allows him to walk a tightrope automatically and a slack with an Agility FEAT. His sense of balance helps him fall up to 3 stories (30 feet) without receiving damage, provided he lands on his feet (Agility FEAT). He can prevent damage from a longer fall by grabbing and swinging off protrusions in the fall’s path every 3 stories (flagpole, lampposts, etc.) or using his Web-Shooters, as long as he keeps making Agility FEATs Organic Web-Shooters: Shoots up to 7 areas, In material strength in round it was fired. Mn in next round. Used for transportation (3 areas a round) and restraining.

The following can made with his web:

-Web Shield: Mn

-Web Parachute

-Web Missile: Ex blunt attack at 3 areas

-Blinding: Am, once the web is removed, the victim is able to see again.

Nightvision: In infrared Stingers: In material, can inflict up to Ex Edge; the Stingers appear only when Scarlet Spider is in trouble. The Stinger injects a knock-out toxin into the victim. The victim must make a Red Endurance FEAT vs. unconscious for 1-10 rounds.

The Other: When under pressure, Kaine transforms into a monstrous arachnoid controlled by the Other. He gains the following abilities: -Stat Increase: +1cs to Fighting, Strength and Endurance -Invulnerability to Mental attacks: Mn


Stealth Suit: To combat the new Hobgoblin's Sonic Scream, Peter developed a suit using Omni-Harmonic Mesh with Wave-Bending properties. The costume gives Scarlet Spider the following power stunts: -Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy, Rm resistance to Heat

-Invisibility Mode: When the Stealth Suit glows neon green, Scarlet Spider gains Am Invisibility and Mn resistance to Sonic attacks. He can only be seen or hear through a set of goggles he invented.

-Sonic Baffling Mode: When Scarlet Spider's Stealth Suit glows red, he gains Un resistance to Sonics; however, he cannot hear anything in this mode, including any communication devices.

Talents: Survival, Stealth, Martial Arts B,

Contacts: Madame Web II