Tommy LightningEdit

Tommy Lightning (Crusaders)

Real Name:Thomas Lovejoy


Created by: Technohol 13


  • F GD(10)
  • A EX(20)
  • S GD(10)
  • E EX(20)
  • R GD(10)
  • I TY(6)
  • P GD(10)

Health: 60 Karma: 26

Popularity +5 Resources: GD(10)


Dynamo Costume: Thomas' principal ability, of course, is his impressive power over electrical energy. Thanks to this costume, he can generate electrical energy of Remarkable (30) intensity, which inflicts like Stunning Energy damage per blast. In addition to this impressive ability, Thomas has demonstrated these additional electricity-related powers to date:

  • Electrical Manipulation: Thomas can also manipulate electrical energies, whether self-generated or not, with Remarkable (30) ability. This allows him to shape, redirect, or otherwise manipulate the flow of electrical energy, and grants him similar resistance to such energies. He has yet to demonstrate any creative uses with this power - at least, not as of yet.
  • Electrical Absorption: finally, Thomas has the ability to absorb electrical energies into his body, which he can also do with Remarkable (30) skill. He can use absorbed electricity to augment any of his physical ability scores for a one-shot use, raising said score by the amount of electricity he has absorbed, or he can restore lost Health points on a point per point basis.


Acrobatics: Thomas has proven to be rather nimble and agile in general. As such, he can make any sort of dodge, escape, evade, feint, or weave maneuver as if the applicable ability score, whatever that is, was +1 CS in rank.

Targeting: though not adept with any weapons, per se, Thomas is highly effective in the use of his electrical generation capabilities. As such, he receives a +1 CS on all Agility FEAT rolls made when striking people with his namesake.


Tommy Lightning was a member of the Crusaders, and as such he can rely upon those would-be heroes for assistance should he but ask - they got on pretty well despite the fraudulent nature of the team that they participated in making.

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus:
  • Max running speed:

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