Real Name:Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Venom (Thompson)


Created by: Ben Riely


  • F IN(40) / EX(20)
  • A IN(40) / PR(4)
  • S AM(50) / EX(20)
  • E AM(50) / EX(20)
  • R GD(10)
  • I TY(6)
  • P GD(10)

Health: 180 / 64 Karma: 26 Resources: TY Pop: 0

Known Powers: All of Venom's powers are derived from his Alien Symbiote.


Symbiote: Flash and the symbiote must be attacked separately. When you try to attack them, you're -6cs to attack. It has Rm resistance against attacks and has 30 health. The Symbiote can regenerate 6 points of health a round. When the symbiote fall to 0 Health, it is knocked unconscious for 1-10 rounds. The Symbiote provides Flash with the following abilities:

-Alter Ego: While in possession of the Symbiote, Flash's stats change as shown above.

-Webbing: Am, it can stick to In strength material. When it is disconnected for the symbiote, it dissolves in 5-50 minutes. It can be used to entangle or transportation(3 areas/round)

-Wall-Crawling: Am

-Spider-Sense Immunity: Spider-Man is -2cs for dodging and evading against Venom

-Skin Armor: Ty protection vs. Blunt

-Camouflage: +2cs for Blindsiding -Shape-Shifting: The Symbiote is able to change its shape and create weapons. He has used the following: --Teeth: Ex Edge --Claws: In Edge --Glider: Ty airspeed

Syringe: The Symbiote can fashion a syringe to use as a delivery system for Multi-Gun: The Multi-Gun is specifically keyed to Thompson's DNA. It has the following forms:

-Handgun: Gd Shooting, 5 areas

-Sniper Rifle: Fires up to 15 areas, Ex Shooting

Combat Knife: Rm material, Rm Edge

Chemical Weapons: Venom stores chemical weapons within the Symbiote. He has the following: -Knockout Drug: In, victim must make a Red Endurance FEAT. vs. knocked unconscious for 1-10 rounds. -Truth Serum: In, victim must make a Red Psyche FEAT. vs. telling the truth for 1-10 rounds -Tracking Chip: Venom can implant a tracking chip within a victim using his Symbiote. Am Tracking


Weak against Sonics: The Symbiote is -3CS vs. Sonics attacks

Weak against Fire: The Symbiote is -1CS vs. Fire attacks

Flash's legs have been removed and needs a wheelchair to get around. Without the Venom Symbiote, Flash cannot walk.

Talents: Martial Arts B, Military Training

Contacts: Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Betty Brant

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus:
  • Max running speed:

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